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Take your gas card or electricity key to any PayPoint or PayZone outlet (gas & electricity) or Post Office (gas only). Simply tell the shop assistant how much you’d like to top up and they’ll credit your key or card once you’ve paid and provide you with a receipt.. When you’re back home, just insert your key or card into the relevant meter to add the credit you purchased.

The minimum top-up you will be able to make is £1 and you will only be able to top-up in whole pounds.

We recommend you keep your receipt each time you top up in case there’s a problem, for example, if the money doesn’t appear on your meter and we need to investigate it for you.

Check your key or card and give it a quick wipe with a dry cloth and reinsert it into the meter. If nothing changes, check your receipt and make sure the credit was added to the correct supply (gas or electricity).

If an error message appears on your meter when you insert your key or card, please call us on 0333 103 9575 so we can put things right for you.

When you call you will need to be near the meter for us to troubleshoot with you.

If you do not see an error code but the money doesn’t seem to have gone onto your meter, it may be that the credit has gone towards paying off debt or emergency credit.

If you believe there is a fault with your key or card, please give us a call and we will arrange for a new one to be sent out free of charge.

If you still have your receipt give us a call and we can issue a refund to the correct key. If you don’t have the receipt, try and obtain a merchant’s copy by going back to the store you topped up at and requesting a copy of your receipt. If you’re unable to do this, please give us a call to discuss your options.

You need to open the valve to release the gas. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Turn any gas appliances off.
  2. Make sure you have credit on your gas meter or gas card.
  3. Insert the card into your meter.
  4. The meter will display the credit you have on the card (if the card has no credit, it will display 0.00 on card)
  5. The meter will prompt you to ‘Hold A for Gas’, A is the red button on your gas meter.
  6. You will then be prompted to ‘Release A for Gas’ at which point you can let go of the red button.
  7. The meter will beep and the display will change from ‘Off’ to ‘On’ and supply will be re-instated.

It takes up to one hour for the code to become active, check when you were issued the code and try collecting it again once an hour has passed.

If you’re sure enough time has passed, give us a call and we can check the code for you.

You need to make sure you are trying to pick the code up from a PayPoint. Find your closest PayPoint and enter your postcode.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and we know there are times when you just can’t leave the house. If you run out of credit and cannot go out to top-up, you can access your emergency credit to tide you over by inserting your card or key into your meter and following the instructions on the screen.

Next time you top up, you’ll have to pay back the emergency credit you’ve used. When you are topping up your key or card, remember to include enough money to cover the emergency credit and if applicable, any standing charges as well as the amount you would like on your meter.

If you use up all of your emergency credit in either your gas or electricity meter, it will shut off your gas or electricity so you will become ‘off supply’.

If that happens, you’ll need to go to a Paypoint or Payzone outlet (gas and electricity) or Post office (gas only) and add credit as soon as possible. Make sure you buy enough credit to:

  • Repay all of the emergency credit you’ve used
  • If applicable, repay any standing charges you’ve built up whilst you’ve been in emergency credit or off supply
  • Pay for the gas or electricity you’ll need until you can top-up again
  • Cover any existing debt repayments you may pay from your meter

This may be because there is some dust on the key which will stop it from working.

Try blowing on the copper chip at the top of your key or try wiping the chip with a soft cloth – DO NOT USE ANY CLEANING PRODUCTS.

Re-insert the key into the meter and check if the error message appears again.

If the error message remains, make a note of your meter serial number. This begins with S or F and is usually located under the display screen,above or below the barcode. Once you’ve done that please call us on 0333 103 9575 during our opening hours.

There is no charge for using your emergency credit. When you top up after you’ve used your emergency credit, you have to repay the full amount you’ve used plus (if applicable) any standing charges you’ve built up.

If you’re unsure of how much you need to top up after using your emergency credit, go to your meter and press the blue button once, this will show you screen B. Screen B is the amount you would need to top up to clear the emergency credit, standing charge (if applicable) and any debt payments you are making and then get you back in to credit.

You can have up to £255 credit on your electricity meter and £249 on your gas meter. If you try to topup more than this, the credit on your key or card won’t transfer to your meter.

Don’t worry the credit is not lost but it will just stay on your key or card until the credit balance on the meter is low enough to allow you to add the credit without exceeding the maximum amount.

  • The minimum you can top up is £1.
  • The maximum you can top up in a single transaction is £49.

If you have a standard electricity meter, after the 12 month period, we will send you a voucher for you take to your local payment store when you top up your electricity meter.

If you have a Smart Meter, we will credit your electricity meter after the 12 month period.

To be eligible for our dual fuel loyalty credit, you must have taken out a new prepayment meter contract with us through one of our sign up channels and have kept both your gas and electricity supply with us for 12 months.

A change of tenancy does not qualify as a new contract.

This is a charge for each day you are connected to the network, it pays for maintaining your supply however, isn’t related to the amount of gas and electricity you use.

A standing charge may vary depending on tariff, meter type and whether the supply relates to gas or electricity

Every 12 months we will send you an annual statement so you can review your energy consumption. This will include:

  • The number of kWh’s you have consumed during the previous 12 months (including estimated meter readings)
  • The total value of the top-ups you have made for the period of the annual statement
  • The number of kWh’s we estimate you are going to use in the next 12 months
  • Details of your current tariff

Your projected usage is calculated based on:

  • The number of kWh’s used over the previous year (Including estimated usage)
  • The current and/or default tariff applicable for the coming year (if your current tariff is coming to an end)

When you switch to E we will send you a key to top up your electricity meter and a card to top up your gas meter.

You will need to start by registering your electricity key and/or your gas card. To register them simply put them into the relevant meter for 60 seconds and once you hear a beep and see a message on the screen, your key/card will be registered.

Now you’re ready to top up!

If you are struggling to pay and believe your supply may be affected, there may be ways we can help. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss your individual circumstances to see how we can best help you.

Call our mobile friendly, UK based Customer Service team on 0333 103 9575 Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm or Saturday 9am – 5pm. Alternatively, email us at

If you go away, please remember to leave enough credit on your meters for any appliance you may leave switched on and to cover any standing charges (if applicable) or debt you may be repaying.

If your meter does run out of credit, your energy supply will stop.

In the summer months when you are using less gas, you should still continue to top up, ensuring there is enough credit on your meter to cover any fixed charges such as; standing charges (if applicable) or a debt repayment.

If there is not enough credit on your meter to cover these charges, a debt will build up on your meter.


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